Meeting & Brainstorming!

I had a lovely first meeting with Professor Alexandrowicz who is a Graduate Professor of Education.

She has several ESL students who are learning how to teach English. Throughout her courses this semester, her students will research different cultures, and study and practice ways to implement methods of teaching to a variety of students.

I am going to convert and modernize her website into an easy, accessible platform that is visually appealing. I am super excited for this! For now, I will be brainstorming a few different platforms, such as WordPress and Format, to determine which is best for her new website. I want to make it easy for the both of us–for myself to create and for her to use after working with me.

Here is a peek of what her website currently looks like to get a feel for what I will have to transform! If any of my fellow staff and tech-savvy friends have recommendations on site platforms that are easy, throw them my way!


From your STA,



Wrapped Up

Hello, summer!

Katie and I wrapped up our project for Professor Diaz! We ended up creating student evaluations for the Christian Marriage course through TEAMMATES. TEAMMATES allowed the groups within the Christian Marriage course to evaluate every member of their group. There seemed to be a good amount of feedback from the students through the evaluations. Now Professor Diaz will have evidence of how her students benefited through their group projects. Hopefully the feedback will inspire Diaz to continue a “flipped classroom”.

I hope she uses blogging in the future!

You can visit our blogs to see the courses’ work and progress:

USD Christian Marriage Blog Section 1

USD Christian Marriage Blog Section 2

Overall, I became more familiar with WordPress, which is a new blogging technology for me. I am more familiar with Format and Tumblr, so it was hard to get out of my comfort zone. WordPress required more time for me to learn, but I gradually became more comfortable with this platform.

The blog was mostly a success, until April came around and finals approached. However, the blog implemented a communal learning experience through technology for this class.

I enjoyed this project!


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.39.47 PM



Current Project

This is unfortunately my first blog post about my second project! What a busy semester! For my second STA project, I have been producing a blog with my STA partner, Katie, for a Theology Christian Marriage class.

Since there are two Christian Marriage courses this semester, Katie and I both have our own blogs that allow the students to create blog posts and comments regarding their research about marriage. It is very interesting!

The blog allows students to interact with each other more easily and in a modern way, rather than just meeting for class weekly. It is interesting to see the responses and participation through technology versus the typical in-class atmosphere.

Katie and I are collaborating with Professor Diaz to monitor the course’s improvements through technology. We are following students’ progress with their projects and their overall development in the course!

I am very pleased so far with our work!


Finishing Up Fundamentals

As the semester is quickly wrapping up, I am finally organizing my project via Blackboard. I am pleased so far with how the links and videos have turned out as a solution to complement the original textbook-course.

I have been exploring iTunes U, Coursera, and some phone apps as potential alternatives from regular course lectures and modules.

I am seeking some inspiration regarding my project poster and was thinking of adding some music symbols and/or music theory references that are actually present in my project’s development.

I am open to more suggestions of how to make my project poster more creative and inviting to not just music theory lovers!

Wish me luck!


Beginning the Music Fundamentals

Today was my second meeting with Professor Yeung where we followed up with the learning modules and content that will soon be a part of her new Blackboard course! After a good amount of exploring musical content and music fundamentals, I was very surprised with my results.

Yeung was very happy with the videos I found to support her learning modules. She came up with a good idea to expand the content with some helpful practice links, as well as some images her students can easily refer to and keep handy. I think this is a great solution to add variety and balance for her students, opposed to continuously watching videos.

My goal prior to the meeting was to find enough videos for every learning module to support various learning styles. As a student, I am aware of how everybody works at their own pace. I am thankful for YouTube for sharing a multitude of videos that can apply to every kind of student!

After meeting today, Yeung and I noted a few ways to sharpen the content. Our next meeting will hopefully be even more successful after I dig a little deeper. I will continue to find beneficial content in multiple medias for her class!

Having to explore music fundamentals is more fun than I thought!