DETCHE 2016 student panelist

I just finished using Final Cut Pro to edit two videos where Professor Pearlberg’s students showcased their projects and explained how this redesigned course helped them learn what it means to work with industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology.

Something else that was super exciting this week was that I was invited by Senior Director of USD Academic Technology Services, Shahra Meshkaty to be part of Directors of Educational Technology / California Higher Education (DET/CHE) annual conference as a student panelist. I represented USD, and was the only student panelist from a private university to answer questions about student’s perspectives on technology, academic integrity and student engagement.

I had class right after the panel so I had to attend virtually using Zoom.


Presentations and Final Cut Pro

Hello everyone!

The class has been busy with a lot of assignments this week. I’ve been keeping up with the Instagram page (which has over 50 posts already!), the badge board and helped the professor out with the class presentations. After having recorded each group’s presentation, I went to the Media Center to use Final Cut Pro to edit the videos (mainly to improve the audio). The videos were uploaded to the professor’s Ensemble account and sent out to the students so that they can re-watch how they did before their next presentation.


Badge Board

Hello everyone!

As mentioned in the last week’s post, I’ve been working on a scoreboard for the students. This is something that Professor Pearlberg was very excited about because he had seen something similar at ITS’ SII this summer. Instead of having a real “badge board” where people could put stickers on the task they had completed, we decided to do it online through Google Sheets instead. I finished designing how the badge board would look like and came up with a few initial tasks that the students will need to complete.

I learned that Google Sheets does not allow for copying and pasting of images in a document. However I found a way around the problem by using the formula “=image”. Now students can copy the cell with the badge and simply paste it under the task that they completed.

Aside from STA work, I will be busy with four exams this week. Wish me good luck!

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 12.48.43.pngThe students decided on their consulting company’s name (eg. PEC) and the business they are working for (eg. PRIME).  Using that information, I gave them a badge (a shirt for PRIME since it’s a retail store).

ONET & Scoreboard

Hello everyone!

Professor Pearlberg’s students are slowly getting started with their projects and so my workload has started to pick up again. One of the things I had to familiarize myself has been ONET which is a website that stores information about different occupations. Using that information and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, I made formal job analysis for a few occupations as requested by the professor. I’m also working on creating a scoreboard where the different teams can track the progress of the other groups. For this I will be using Google Sheets because all students should be familiar with it. I’m still working on it (and waiting for the professor to give me the list of tasks they need to complete) but will show all of you once I’m done with it.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

Slow week

This past week was surprisingly slow in terms of work. I think Professor Pearlberg was quite busy with his classes and so we are trying to meet this week instead to get some work done.

Our Instagram account for the class (USDpsych) now has four followers so I’m assuming that the students have been told how they will use Instagram during the semester. The class teams were set up late last week, and this week they were supposed to research their city and industry. I look forward to see what the students will post on the Instagram account. Hopefully, it all ends up well. It would be fun if other professors started to integrate social media like Professor Pearlberg has decided to do.

I-O Psychology Project

This semester I will be working with Professor Pearlberg in the Department of Psychological Sciences. His STA project actually started before the start of the semester, and so I had to move in earlier to meet him and and get his project started.

This semester Professor Pearlberg is going to teach a class in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is something that I personally find very interesting. Among the things that he has had me do includes setting up a class project (by assigning the students different cities and jobs that I had to come up with), create an Instagram account for the class and embedding the pictures to Blackboard, and editing videos.

So far I have really enjoyed working with Professor Pearlberg, although the project has really kept me busy. With the help of Caitlan, Ryan and Scott at the Media Center I have learned more about Adobe Premiere Pro, from Allison I have learned how to embed Instagram photos to Blackboard, and from Professor Pearlberg I have learned a lot of things about I-O Psychology .


Embedding Instagram photos to Blackboard
Embedding Instagram photos to Blackboard. Looking forward to seeing how it will look like once students start submitting their photos.

ITS website, iTeam blog, Dr. Croom

Summer break – wohoo!

This semester I had a number of different projects that I worked on. I started off working with Adobe Contribute to update some of the ITS pages, including the STA project showcase and iPad projects. It was a bit tricky finding all of the information that I needed to complete everything, so it included reaching out to professors and going over many folders.

I also worked on cleaning up and organizing stuff around the office. Posters were taken down, iClickers were organized, and I soon got to take over Cal’s tasks. As I was writing on the USD iTeam blog I got to learn more about Blackboard, LockDown Browser and how to write tutorials.

Later in the semester I was connected with Dr. Croom again who wanted us to publish yet another book on iTunes.

All in all, I got to do a lot of different tasks this semester. It was fun, however for next semester I would prefer having one project to focus on.


Enjoy your summer break!