Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great break!

Just got done with my first project final wrap up and trained myself in the technology for my second project. However, the professor never responded so I assume that is on a hiatus for now. I will conclude my final weeks working in the office possibly.


Hope everyone is well!


Project 1 almost done

I have now hosted all iMovie sessions and also met up with the professors and finished some final stuff up with everyone. It was a great learning experience to get fluent with iMovie and also cater a classroom while trying to accommodate all possible students.


Nonetheless, i’m not moving to another project in the sector of SPSS, which is very exciting as it’s essentially learning 2 different things in one semester.


Hope everyones projects are well.

Busy week coming up

The prior week I met with all the students regarding iMovie.I managed to get Ryan from the media center with me to help me out with assisting the students as well.

The upcoming week will have more sessions and i will also be scheduling more for the week after in order for all the students to be ready with their project. There were a couple of misunderstandings this week with the professors and it did cause an issue.

However, what I love about being an STA is that the job is a learning experience for life as well and these experiences go on with you for life. Hope everyones projects are gong well!

Take care

Almost Ready

This week is the week where I will be meeting with the new students.

I’ve familiarized myself which the class information and also really been trying out iMovie this whole time. I’m hoping for a good first session where I can understand the circumstances of the different class even more and also accommodate to their needs over the coming month.

Otherwise all is going well and I will probably meet up with Scott from the media center this week.

Hope everyone is well.


This week was full of planning and getting the project sorted out and learning about what the professors have in mind. The views of the two professors are very specific but at the same time they are slightly unaware as to how they are going to execute it.

I need to have another meeting with the professors prior to our class meeting since it is a joint class that meets are completely different times. Also will pop into the office this week with some questions.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Joint Professor Project!

This years project is interesting for me.

I am working with two professors from completely different departments. It’s for a religion and ecology class.

My main goal this year is in the field of video editing which I have never stepped into in prior years. I’ve always been interested so I have actually taken a lot of time this week to learn it and get my feet wet.

I have become familiar with the MAC side of things so this upcoming week I will start getting familiar with Windows in terms of editing.

I am excited for this project and my official formalities will begin in week 1 of october but before that I will schedule meetings with the professors and also improve my knowledge in video editing.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a good semester.

All Done

All the final touch ups with the project are done we just now have to post it onto a secure place where it can be accessed by students.

It was a great semester and I’m happy that the project and research was a success in the end. Hope everyone has a great summer! Looking forward to another successful semester.