Project going great

I am working on the iPad project with Dr. Shelby and it is going great! Over the past two weeks I have found lots of apps for her students to use with collecting, compiling, and sharing the information.  Flipboard, Newsify, he Fourth Estate, and In Protest are great apps for researching political science/protest related news articles.  For writing the projects, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Pages, and Keynote are great.  For sharing, google drive seems to be the best option.  She also wants to look into Piazza, which is a site/app the computer science teachers are using for students to ask questions.

Over the next two weeks I will be putting together handouts on how to work the various apps as well as looking into Piazza and google drive as good resources to use in the future.


Midterms and Databases


Hi everyone, it has been a busy week with midterms and projects, but I have figured some things out.  I was trying to make the databases as in figure 1 with each set of cards having their own database. That took up too much memory and other resources, so now I am making it as in figure 2 with large databases containing all the cards mapping backwards to their appropriate sections. I was also trying to find a way not to have to code 2 apps, appearently you can make a web application and port it to both iphone and android with everything connected to the main datatbase.  So I may try that.

Application Progress!

Hi Everybody! I am making good progress with the starting phases of the application. There is a solid plan and  I am doing a lot of research to figure out how to code what I want to do. I have Development Kits working and an emulator up and running, yay, good first steps.