Badge Board

Hello everyone!

As mentioned in the last week’s post, I’ve been working on a scoreboard for the students. This is something that Professor Pearlberg was very excited about because he had seen something similar at ITS’ SII this summer. Instead of having a real “badge board” where people could put stickers on the task they had completed, we decided to do it online through Google Sheets instead. I finished designing how the badge board would look like and came up with a few initial tasks that the students will need to complete.

I learned that Google Sheets does not allow for copying and pasting of images in a document. However I found a way around the problem by using the formula “=image”. Now students can copy the cell with the badge and simply paste it under the task that they completed.

Aside from STA work, I will be busy with four exams this week. Wish me good luck!

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 12.48.43.pngThe students decided on their consulting company’s name (eg. PEC) and the business they are working for (eg. PRIME).  Using that information, I gave them a badge (a shirt for PRIME since it’s a retail store).


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