Meeting & Brainstorming!

I had a lovely first meeting with Professor Alexandrowicz who is a Graduate Professor of Education.

She has several ESL students who are learning how to teach English. Throughout her courses this semester, her students will research different cultures, and study and practice ways to implement methods of teaching to a variety of students.

I am going to convert and modernize her website into an easy, accessible platform that is visually appealing. I am super excited for this! For now, I will be brainstorming a few different platforms, such as WordPress and Format, to determine which is best for her new website. I want to make it easy for the both of us–for myself to create and for her to use after working with me.

Here is a peek of what her website currently looks like to get a feel for what I will have to transform! If any of my fellow staff and tech-savvy friends have recommendations on site platforms that are easy, throw them my way!


From your STA,



One thought on “Meeting & Brainstorming!

  1. Savannah, awesome! I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. You have a keen eye for design and I know it’ll look great.

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