Getting Started

I met with my Faculty partner Jessica Bell this past Monday, and I am excited to get started on this project. I will be helping Dr. Bell develop tutorial videos using Python scripting based software called PyMol, which is being used in her class Biochemistry labs. I will also be looking into R scripting, which is a free software package that can be scripted to map functions with dynamic data.

This past week, I have been exploring the interface of PyMol and have watched a couple of a tutorials on the software. I will be meeting with Dr. Bell weekly every Monday to discuss my progress and collaborate on my next steps. This weekly meeting will help us both stay on track and hopefully enable us to complete a number of videos that we can post to YouTube.


One thought on “Getting Started

  1. Way cool, Matt! I think learning R will be beneficial not only for this project but is a great skill for your professional career.

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