I-O Psychology Project

This semester I will be working with Professor Pearlberg in the Department of Psychological Sciences. His STA project actually started before the start of the semester, and so I had to move in earlier to meet him and and get his project started.

This semester Professor Pearlberg is going to teach a class in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, which is something that I personally find very interesting. Among the things that he has had me do includes setting up a class project (by assigning the students different cities and jobs that I had to come up with), create an Instagram account for the class and embedding the pictures to Blackboard, and editing videos.

So far I have really enjoyed working with Professor Pearlberg, although the project has really kept me busy. With the help of Caitlan, Ryan and Scott at the Media Center I have learned more about Adobe Premiere Pro, from Allison I have learned how to embed Instagram photos to Blackboard, and from Professor Pearlberg I have learned a lot of things about I-O Psychology .


Embedding Instagram photos to Blackboard
Embedding Instagram photos to Blackboard. Looking forward to seeing how it will look like once students start submitting their photos.

One thought on “I-O Psychology Project

  1. Awesome, Puya! I’m glad you’re working on a project in an academic area you find interesting, and happy to hear that Caitlan, Ryan and Scott have been a big help. They are amazing!

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