Wrapped Up

Hello, summer!

Katie and I wrapped up our project for Professor Diaz! We ended up creating student evaluations for the Christian Marriage course through TEAMMATES. TEAMMATES allowed the groups within the Christian Marriage course to evaluate every member of their group. There seemed to be a good amount of feedback from the students through the evaluations. Now Professor Diaz will have evidence of how her students benefited through their group projects. Hopefully the feedback will inspire Diaz to continue a “flipped classroom”.

I hope she uses blogging in the future!

You can visit our blogs to see the courses’ work and progress:

USD Christian Marriage Blog Section 1

USD Christian Marriage Blog Section 2

Overall, I became more familiar with WordPress, which is a new blogging technology for me. I am more familiar with Format and Tumblr, so it was hard to get out of my comfort zone. WordPress required more time for me to learn, but I gradually became more comfortable with this platform.

The blog was mostly a success, until April came around and finals approached. However, the blog implemented a communal learning experience through technology for this class.

I enjoyed this project!


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.39.47 PM




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