Semester Wrap Up!

Summer is here! Overall, I feel that this semester has been very productive. I began the semester working with Professor O’Neal on the USD Sales Club Website. I was able to get most of the content up on the site including a photo gallery, video gallery, calendar, and various club photos and information. I was also able to begin organizing O’Neal’s sales videos for his marketing class. I uploaded some competition videos to his Youtube account, and we decided that we would store his videos on an external hard drive. This provided a long term solution for video management for his future classes.

My second project involved working with Dr. Friedman in the Math department. We worked to get a Java applet called the Proof Designer working. The applet allows the students in the Math Logic class to write proofs. We were able to get the Proof Designer running and write an example proof using it. I wrote two handouts for her students, one with setup instructions and the other instructing how to write a sample proof.

I enjoyed both my projects immensely, and look forward to working in the office this summer and returning in the Fall as well. Have a great summer!



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