ITS website, iTeam blog, Dr. Croom

Summer break – wohoo!

This semester I had a number of different projects that I worked on. I started off working with Adobe Contribute to update some of the ITS pages, including the STA project showcase and iPad projects. It was a bit tricky finding all of the information that I needed to complete everything, so it included reaching out to professors and going over many folders.

I also worked on cleaning up and organizing stuff around the office. Posters were taken down, iClickers were organized, and I soon got to take over Cal’s tasks. As I was writing on the USD iTeam blog I got to learn more about Blackboard, LockDown Browser and how to write tutorials.

Later in the semester I was connected with Dr. Croom again who wanted us to publish yet another book on iTunes.

All in all, I got to do a lot of different tasks this semester. It was fun, however for next semester I would prefer having one project to focus on.


Enjoy your summer break!


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