Semester Wrap Up

This past Friday I went the final presentations for Professor Darby’s biology class and was able to see how far the project has come. The studnets did a great job and it proved that all of our hard work had really paid off. From my poster presentation many of you have learned about my difficulties with this semester. What I didn’t have a chance to talk about was my success and all the great skills that I learned from this semester.

My semester began with a rocky start. I had difficulty communicating my professor and finding a way to teach the students and the professor how to effectively use and apply the iPad apps. I had no idea how I would find a way to teach a class without being able to physically show them how to use it. What I found out was that the simple solution was often the best. By simply explaining the different features in an app and including pictures and videos in the tutorials, the students would have the tools they need to experiment within the app. I thought that this was best solution because I think that not everyone is going to learn from just being told but also need to shown as well as having the chance to experiment within the app themselves so that they can find what works best for them.

When it came to my difficulty with communication I was able to solve this problem by implementing a system where once a week, the professor and I was able to meet so that we could touch base about the project. This really helped because while we started off on the wrong page with communication, overtime we became a team and it really showed with how the students progressed.

Another important thing I learned this semester was how to flexible. The project itself was changing constantly as the class revolved around how quickly things moved with the school. The problem sometimes in the school district is that it takes time for funding to come through and as a result the aquaponics system was not yet installed. However, the students were able to lay the groundwork so that when the funding did come in, the plans were ready to be put in place. As a result the project because a real life application of the scientific method. Since the project was constantly changing the professor and I worked to implement the apps so they would apply to our revised scientific method. By learning to be flexible I was able to help smoothly transition the tutorials into a more relatable instruction.

Reflecting back, I realized that this semester has been a great learning experience. On the technical side, I learned how to use and teach to others many different apps on a iPad when I have never used an iPad before. On the real word skill side, I found that having weekly meetings to touch base really helps with communication and it is what helped my professor and I become a team. By being flexible, I was able to make the project less difficult than it had to be , even with arising challenges.

On a less formal note, good job to all my fellow STA’s for all their hard work this semester. Your projects and presentations looked great. Good luck on finals and enjoy the much deserved summer ahead.See you guys next spring




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