A Busy Week

Hello everyone!

This week has been crazy, both with midterms and various projects.  As you can see, the blog has a new theme!  I’m working to get a simple, clean-looking theme up on the blog.  I also organized all of the STA’s into categories at the top in a drop-down menu, so now everyone is super easy to find.

I’ve also been working with Savannah and Professor Diaz to put together Diaz’s class blog.  It’s definitely been a process trying to figure out exactly what she wants from the blog and how we can execute that in an easy, interactive, and also interesting way.  Sometimes those three things don’t go together quite easily in a blog, but we’re getting there.  Thankfully WordPress is so easy, but still customizable enough to make the blogs look good.

If you’d like to check out our progress, click here to see my blog.

Other than that, I’ve been learning a bit of After Effects, which I’m really excited to learn.  It is not the most intuitive program, so it might take me a while to master it.  Hopefully I can figure it out soon so I can start using it on my video projects.

Other than that, I’m just so glad this week is over.  Midterms are not my friend.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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