Dr. Croom’s eBook now online

The day has come! Dr. Croom’s book “Cases and Concepts in Responsible Supply Chain Management” can now be found on iTunes and iBooks. For only $9.99 you can buy the book, or you can read a sample page from the book for free. This project has been a lot of fun, and it’s very fun to finally be able to see it available for the world. We encountered quite a few obstacles when it was time to publish it (e.g. an error with our ISBN number,  unable to download iTunes Producer etc.), but after the book was processed by Apple, it was finally approved. I would be quite upset if they didn’t approve it, considering I had made sure that our eBook followed all of their requirements.

Dr. Croom iBook

This week I have also been busy updating the STA project showcases for each semester. I know that Allison has been very busy this week, but I want to show her my work before I publish it online. Some of the pages are saved as a draft at the moment, while pages like STA 2014 showcase has been updated already.


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