Automating the Server Database

As this semester comes to a close, so does my project! This past week, my partner and I have finally been able to successfully update our server database automatically from Blackboard. With a couple of weeks of research, we found that it would be easiest to automate the process using this software called Autoit. The interface is pretty simple and the language for the software involves sending commands that invoke mouse movement, mouse clicks, and keystrokes. We were able to create an Autoit program that would log into our Blackboard accounts, navigate to the Blackboard grade center, and then download the csv file as the database that we set up on the server computer. We set it up where the program would run every 24 hours after the server computer reboots at 2 AM every day. After a couple of tests, the process seems to be working. Overall, the project is basically done. Next steps for the next semester are setting up card swipes for verification of Engineering Badge usage. My partner and I have already ordered a card swipe that we are trying to figure out how we can use it to read a student’s ID card.


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