Catch up!

Happy Mid November, I know we are all eager waiting for Thanksgiving break so we can eat and sleep forever.

To catch up I finally had a another meeting with Dr. McKeon this week, and we did encounter a lot of problems with our project. I spent hours trying to learn coding in excel but still couldn’t figure out the financial elements of the project and how to relate it with Visual Basic, i did get somewhere though and I feel much more educated with this technology.

Nonetheless, it is still slightly hard to code such specific finance problems for accuracy and randomization. But fortunately, VBA is not looking like chinese to me anymore. I can understand and relate to how the specfic coding works.

In my meeting with Dr McKeon, we sorted out the finance problem but in terms of the coding he was also slightly confused but we ended up figuring out a solution and that’s what i’ve been working on since. The code is in place but there are still slight issues and errors with I need to look at again and will probably consult someone who knows more about VBA than i do.

Furthermore, in our meeting we did come up with a back up plan of still testing this technology through BB incase the excel sheet still gives errors as we do have one completed worksheet that works perfectly, so we’re just waiting for that unit to come up in the syllabus for the class and we will test it out through BB and analyze how the students liked it through feedback. This would either be a short survey or they could just tell Dr. McKeon in class.

Nonetheless, we do have a back up plan to see how well the technology works with BB and we can analyze if this should be a project that continues in the future.

Sorry for the long post, it was a busy busy week in terms of this project. It’s looking much better than it was a few weeks ago. I’m feeling confident now with the software and really learning a lot!


One thought on “Catch up!

  1. Aman – sounds like you are learning a ton and have made a lot of progress! That’s great to hear. Don’t forget, we have licenses for–there may be some VBA tutorials on there that could help you. Let me know if I can set that up for you.

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