Let’s do this!

It’s November which means we are done with midterm and it’s time to grow out our beards!

I met with Dr. Croom not too long ago to catch up on my progress and he was surprised by how nice it all looked (even though I kept reminding him that this was just a draft). Nevertheless it felt very good to hear his compliments and the he trusted me to do any edits of what essentially is his work.

I’m currently in the last stages of my project. I had told Dr. Croom about one of the problems that I had noticed which was inconsistencies throughout the book (because each student paper, a.k.a chapter, is using different formatting and some with grammatical errors). What I am doing now is reading through the hundreds of pages of the book and making them all consistent all throughout. While I’m doing some formatting the book Dr. Croom is busy writing his introduction text for the book.

Also, I’ll be going to the poster workshop on Thursday at 12:25pm. The only problem is that I’m supposed to be registering for classes at that time. I’ll figure it out…


One thought on “Let’s do this!

  1. I almost forgot that it was Movember!

    Great to hear about the project progress. I am really looking forward to seeing the ebook! Glad to read this update.

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