Double sentence spacing

As I am spending more time with the student papers for Dr. Croom’s project, I’m starting to noticing more and more inconsistencies and errors that I have to figure out. Most of the papers are using the MLA Style Manual, while others don’t. What is bugging me the most is not that some don’t capitalize some obvious words (like the name of countries), but rather that some papers are using two spaces after a period. They might have been told to do so by the professor, but even then it’s not fully consistent throughout their papers.

Last week I sent Dr. Croom an email where I explained to him how we had the option to create either an eBook or an iBook. I pointed out the differences and Dr. Croom concurred that an eBook would be more appropriate.

This week I’ve also spent quite some time in between the different offices to get my work status ready. Thankfully it seems like most of the paperwork is now done.


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