This week was hectic, midterms have started to attack. On a positive note I sent out a detailed email to Dr McKeon based on all my research conducted on our discussion and project plan.

I asked him if he had any sort of question regarding the information i researched these past 2 weeks. In addition, I requested a follow up meeting with him regarding our future plans after figuring out our first steps.

I tried looking for website processes as an alternative to Blackboard with technologies such as dreamweaver and other websites. However, after going through it I thought of my problems of time consumption and also the amount of training I would require to create the website itself. It would result in the entire semesters time spent in creating the website and not even testing out the project which is the main goal.

In BB everything is already covered for us by USD and it’s much easier to put out to the Finance students. This will get us quick project feedback and can also be easily carried over from semester to semester. After that result we could focus on website creation for this project to give it a more clean sort of feel.

I believe that Dr McKeon will agree with this and i’m looking forward to his response and our next meeting. Phase 2 of the project is now kicking in, I can sense a lot of time with Microsoft Excel this month.


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  1. Sounds like a logical decision to use Blackboard! And most Finance students are probably already familiar with it. You may want to let Dr. McKeon know that some of the content/etc you develop may be able to be repurposed in a website later on, depending on its format. Great start.

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