Where does the footnotes go?


This week has been quite busy. Not only have I had two midterms this week (with two more coming up next week), but I have also been busy with my project. This week Dr. Croom sent the files that I needed to make his iBook. There are quite a few student papers, and all of them have to be inserted manually into iBooks Author. So far I have finished one of the students papers (about coffee from a supply chain perspective), and started on another. Considering the fact that each student paper is substantially long and unique, I decided to make a chapter for each one. Then for each chapter (e.g “the chapter on coffee”) I have made a section for each part/chapter of the essay (e.g introduction, conclusion etc.).


I have yet to figure out what to do with all of the footnotes from the student books seen as iBooks Author doesn’t allow for footnotes to be inserted. What’s next is for me to finish another student paper into iBooks, and then do some formatting and designing before giving a draft for Dr. Croom to take a look at. The goal of this to make sure that he can see the progress of the project and give him the opportunity to give me suggestions and ideas. This is after all his project and I would like to keep him in the loop.


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