Connecting to USDConnect

This is my first official post for the semester, and I’m excited to be back. for my project this semester, I am working with the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering’s Lab Supervisor Jason Partin to help improve the online badging system for all the new equipment the Department has received within the last year. The current badging system as of now enables Engineering students to take an online training course and test on Blackboard with completion of one of these courses granting that student a badge for the respective equipment. Jason’s scope is to create an optimized system that will allow non-engineering students to enroll in the Blackboard Organization and earn badges themselves. The project has many different aspects, but I have been asked to handle a specific part of the project that requires knowledge of the school network. Jason has had a group of student workers developing a prototype that will allow students to key in to verify that they are badged for certain lab equipment. The prototype uses a Raspberry Pi micro-processor that has been programmed to turn on a blue LED light on the keypad when a valid student ID has been typed in. A red LED will appear otherwise. One  problem the team ran into was connecting the device to the school network. To help troubleshoot this problem, the student that wrote the program and I sent a ticket to ITS to see if they could be of any assistance. While we waited, we decided to try to debug the problem ourselves. We eventually reconfigured some of the directory settings on the Raspberry Pi and then successfully connected to the Wi-Fi. Now the next step of this project will be creating a server that will act as a database for the Raspberry Pi’s to access the valid student ID information. More progress will come soon.


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