Beginning the Music Fundamentals

Today was my second meeting with Professor Yeung where we followed up with the learning modules and content that will soon be a part of her new Blackboard course! After a good amount of exploring musical content and music fundamentals, I was very surprised with my results.

Yeung was very happy with the videos I found to support her learning modules. She came up with a good idea to expand the content with some helpful practice links, as well as some images her students can easily refer to and keep handy. I think this is a great solution to add variety and balance for her students, opposed to continuously watching videos.

My goal prior to the meeting was to find enough videos for every learning module to support various learning styles. As a student, I am aware of how everybody works at their own pace. I am thankful for YouTube for sharing a multitude of videos that can apply to every kind of student!

After meeting today, Yeung and I noted a few ways to sharpen the content. Our next meeting will hopefully be even more successful after I dig a little deeper. I will continue to find beneficial content in multiple medias for her class!

Having to explore music fundamentals is more fun than I thought!


One thought on “Beginning the Music Fundamentals

  1. I’m happy to hear you’re having fun with your project and learning at the same time! Congrats on a successful start to your project.

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