Getting Everything in Place.

Today’s week was super independent, I was just doing research on my discussions with both Allison and Dr. Mckeon.

My goal for the week was to get settled in with the project and try to figure out which was the best solution for Dr McKeon’s current project dilemma. Nonetheless, after research website possibilities over BlackBoard as a technology, i’ve decided to recommend Dr McKeon to use BB over a website as the process could get too cumbersome. It may take an entire semester to just design the website when the goal is to get set up with the excel files for student as soon as possible.

I will be shooting him an email soon this weekend with a scheduled meeting date where we can catch up again. In addition, the next steps I believe will be getting well versed with his class goals and learning the excel technology for testing and uploading onto BB.

I’m feeling super confident with this project.

Hope every has a good week, midterms hitting soon!


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