First meeting with Dr. Croom

I met with Dr. Croom this Thursday together with Allison to go through the details of the project.

Dr. Croom is a Professor of Supply Chain Management and he has several years of experience in teaching. The students in his class are to write project papers as part of their final grade. Together with Dr. Croom’s help I will produce an iBook using Apple iBooks Author that consists of the student project papers. The book itself will later be published on iTunes to showcase previous students’ work. I might have to use other software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Apple iMovie to edit the images and videos that some students have included with projects. I have no previous experience using iBooks Author, however I look forward to learning how to use the software and the process of publishing a book.

What’s next is for Dr. Croom to send me the project agreement so that I can give it to Allison. Once that has been done I’ll need the student project papers so that I can start creating the iBook itself. Since iBooks Author is only available on Mac OS, I had to borrow a MacBook from the office for the period that I will be working on this project.



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