Great Kick Off!

I met up with Dr. McKeon from the finance department this week. His main goal from the project is to use Microsoft Excel as a tool to create questions for his FINA-402 class, Investments. He wants to use the technology and a question generate for each unit in the chapter so that his students can access these practice questions that keeps generating random numbers to ace the chapter with multiple tries.

Our goal with the project is to get it set up in an organized way either using Dreamweaver as a tool to create a website or Blackboard as it’s already paid for and the entire class can access it effortlessly. The task is mainly to organize it to make it easy to find as per every Unit professor McKeon will be covering.

Professor McKeon was very open to ideas and was actually being very realistic with what is achievable and what is not. This was very different from my past experiences when wishful thinking was prevalent and unrealistic tasks were given. Nonetheless, this project is very organized and I am extremely excited to be work with Dr. McKeon this semester.


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