Working in Office: Summer 2015 SII

So I’ve been working in Office during the Summer Innovation Institute, which seems very hectic for those running and teaching the institute. My job has mostly been in office and occasionally involves running back and forth from Maher to Serra and delivering some printed papers or other items. If I’m in the office I’ve had an array of tasks to complete such as blackboard testing, or updating surveys on Qualtrics. I have never worked with either blackboard or Qualtrics before so it has definitely been a learning experience for sure. Blackboard is becoming a lot more familiar to me the more and more I work with it and Lynda training has proved very helpful. Qualtrics was fairly easy to figure out, which was nice. Other tasks that I have worked on is testing the iclickers, which I just did today, it was also another first for me as I had never worked with iclickers before (not even in a classroom) so it was interesting for me to even see one. The instructions for how to test iclickers was very helpful so completing the task was not very difficult by any means. Other than working on in office tasks or delivering items every now and then, the phone will ring occasionally for instructional support, however, I have only had one phone call with a question I could unfortunately not help with, so I forwarded the question in an email to the iTeam. But yeah, so basically that has been it for in office work. I definitely think I’ve learned how to work a few new software programs (blackboard, qualtrics) which I think will be helpful in the future.

– Shireen Karimi

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