One Task Down – 5/3/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hey everyone! These past two weeks have been insanely busy, but I’m nearing completion on all of Professor O’Neal’s tasks. Early this week, I met with Professor O’Neal where we went over the procedure for uploading his videos to YouTube. He wrote down every step we took so it’ll be extremely easy for him to follow and reproduce this in the future. With that, our first and most important of the original tasks is completed.

As for the Sales Club Website, Professor O’Neal has said he is going to approach the club at their next meeting and elect someone to be the designated content manager for the site. The shell of the Sales Club website is already created and now it just needs to be filled in with content. Professor O’Neal stated he was extremely happy with how the site currently looks and whomever they elect to manage the site will be passed a username and password to go to the site and start writing content. I’ll be on-call for this person if they need assistance using WordPress, but luckily WordPress is pretty user friendly and doesn’t require a lot of technical skills so I don’t anticipate needing to do this often. With this handover coming soon, it’ll mark off the second of our original tasks.

So what is there to do with the remainder of the semester? Well, the third task Professor O’Neal wanted, but didn’t think we’d get to, is an obvious next step. For this task, Professor O’Neal wants some sort of survey/peer-/self-assessment system to go along with his marketing presentations. Another STA had previously set up a similar system in semesters past, but it had bugs (values being incorrectly calculated) and was never handed off in a manner that Professor O’Neal knew how to update. So while I haven’t promised to him to deliver this feature, I did say that I would look into it and that I have begun. Right now, I’m looking at different surveying systems to see which provide the features that he’s looking for. We’ll see how this task goes in a few weeks.

Two other things I did recently were print my poster for our presentations on Tuesday and do some emergency updating to the Stress-Free Zone website from last semester. Apparently there were some attribution errors that needed to be updated so that everyone was getting the credit for their work. Additionally, it doesn’t seem like my editing guidebook for making changes to the Stress-Free Zone website was disseminated amongst those who wrote the content for the website, so I sent them my guidebook in the hopes that they can learn to make the edits themselves in the future.

Anyway, that’s it for the past two weeks. I’ll see you all on Tuesday!


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