More and More Videos – 4/19/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hey everyone!

This week has been much of the same. I’m slowly working on building out the Sales Club website, but the majority of it remains unfinished because I am awaiting for content from Professor O’Neal idly building out template pages in the meantime.  I met with Professor O’Neal very briefly this week at Creative Collaborations and he mentioned to me that he really likes the look of the site’s template, and that he’ll get back to me with more detailed feedback soon. So hopefully the Sales Club website will start coming together really soon (*pending feedback and content from Professor O’Neal*).

The other big thing that I did recently was meet up with Scott from our media department to find and retrieve all of Professor O’Neal’s older videos that he had hosted on Ensemble. It took a while to find everything that he had uploaded there (there were about 30 videos or so), but in the end I threw them onto my flash drive and took them back home. Once I had them, I uploaded them all to YouTube for archival’s sake and organized them into playlists for Professor O’Neal to go over. Now it’s a matter of him naming these videos and placing the best/worst examples into playlists so that he can disseminate them to his future classes or put them on the Sales Club website.

In addition to that, I am planning on meeting with Professor O’Neal this coming Friday. His next presentation will conclude its filming on Wednesday and I want to be there with him to ensure he can handle uploading all of the files to YouTube himself and aid if any problems arise. This is a very important meeting because it essentially marks the handing off of the first of our two major tasks for this semester to him. If it goes successful, then I’ll have officially taken care of his (nearly) automated batch video uploading needs!

In addition to the video uploading/management and work on the Sales Club website, I put a substantial amount of time into creating a first draft of my poster for our final STA presentations. It’s not perfect yet, but I’m happy with how the base of the template came out. For the record, I don’t design them in PowerPoint like recommended through the school, but design them in Photoshop so that I have far more graphical design power over how it looks and feels. It’s perhaps a little less convenient than making them in PowerPoint and certainly takes more time, but I’m always much happier with the results.

With the end of the semester and graduation coming up so fast, I’ve got a lot on my plate for the next month. Anyway it’s time for me to get back to work already! See you all again next week!


One thought on “More and More Videos – 4/19/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

  1. Nice! I can tell you’ve been working really hard (on this and everything else). I really like your poster template–it looks sharp and professional.

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