An Update on the Language Commons

Hi everyone!

This week was full of wrapping up tutorial videos.  I created a title slide and credits slide for each video.  I then uploaded the iMovie Version 10.0.6 tutorial video and the YouTube video to the USD Language Department’s YouTube page.  The videos are still unlisted, so they won’t show up until I make them public in the next week or so.

This week also consisted of emailing everyone in the Languages department to try to recruit some more students for our video. We will be filming on Tuesday and hopefully some more students will show up.  It is vital that we get everything filmed this week because we want to get our video out ASAP.  I will be sending out reminder emails to everyone tomorrow to bug them about it, because we can’t create the video without footage of students.

Hopefully the video will be complete by this Friday.  That’s the goal, at least!  Shireen and I will be editing like crazy this week.

Other than that, everything is going pretty well.  We hope to get the rest of the tutorials up soon, and create the iPad tutorial.

Only a few more weeks left!  Time to bust out everything that’s left!  Have a great week everyone!



One thought on “An Update on the Language Commons

  1. Looking forward to seeing your videos! I hope your video shoot on Tuesday turned out well and that you had lots of engaged students there!

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