More ExamSoft

This week I was working with Dr. Gross on importing exams (and students) into the ExamSoft software. Everything went more or less without any problems.

I did happen to find another limitation of the software. It does not make it very easy to allow make-ups or specific individuals to take an exam at a later date. When creating exams, you need to specify a download period (which is normally the duration of the class period). When attempting to allow a specific individual to take an exam, there are a few options (as described by our account admin at ExamSoft), but mainly they were minor inconveniences.  This came up due to two different students needing to take an Exam at a different time slot, and so I followed the advice given, and it worked fine.

There were two different tests this week, and I was able to attend one of them. No big issues, however a certain dialogue box wasn’t going away for a minute or so, but that corrected itself. On Thursday, Dr. Gross administered the exam himself and so I provided him with a short User Guide to instruct the students on the process of logging into the software, providing an explanation of the steps to download the test, etc.

So far Dr. Gross has seemed to really like the software. We might be making a  few suggestions to the development team at ExamSoft so that in the future it will be even better.


One thought on “More ExamSoft

  1. Awesome job, Evan. Glad to hear Examsoft doesn’t have too many issues. I thought of you and your project when I attended a training in Serra 156B and saw the ExamSoft software icon on the desktop!

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