Posting Late Again — An Update on the Language Commons

I apologize for being incapable of remembering to post on time — I fail completely.  On the upside, we are almost ready to post our tutorial videos for the Language Commons.  We received the logos that needed to be included, so I just finished drafting up a title slide for each of our videos.  Now we just need approval and they will get posted on the YouTube account (if you are interested, check out Language Commons at USD on YouTube in about 2 days to see our videos).  As of now, we have 4 videos (one that is still in need of a voice-over) and hope to make one or two more (one to cover iPad editing).

In other Language Commons news, we have also made some headway (finally) on filming for the promotional video.  It took us a while to get students to respond and to find a time to meet with them.  We finally decided to just sit in the Language Commons and have them come to us instead of trying to schedule meetings with everyone.  It was marginally successful — we had 4 people turn up, but unfortunately they only spoke 2 languages combined.  So we got a bit of filming done (which includes shots of the room), and it looks pretty good.  I’m currently trying to find good background music to accompany the video — which is a lot harder than I originally thought.  There’s a lot that goes into finding the perfect track for something!  I started editing the video Friday and realized already some adjustments we need to make to it, which hopefully we can get figured out soon, since we need to have the project done ASAP.

Overall, it’s been slow-going with the promotional video, which I’m not too thrilled about.  We underestimated the amount of coordination and thought that was going to need to be put into it.  Hopefully we can bust it out these next two weeks.  Additionally, we need to compile a list of references to put on the Language Commons page for students to access.

There’s still a lot of work to be done but I think we’ve gotten some pretty good stuff accomplished so far.  Fingers crossed we get everything done soon!



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