Importing Exams

This week has been quite busy, although not as bad as the previous weeks. I met early this week with Dr. Gross and we discussed how the grading went with the last exam. He liked it a great deal and said that there had been no problems and that it had saved him a lot of time. So far so good.

Afterwards, we talked about the upcoming schedule (i.e. the exams this week) and we have an exam coming up on Monday. He worked on getting me the exam, and once I had received it, I began importing it into ExamSoft. While doing so, I found a couple limitations to the software, however we dealt with those. We found that fill-in-the-blanks could only have a maximum of 15 blanks. Therefore, if you are unable to have a matching question with more than 15 terms  you want matched/identified. It was not too big of a deal, and we simply split the question in half (he had 30 terms he wanted identified).

Now that I have finished importing it, I’m going to be going back and verifying all of the questions were created correctly and go and fix any formatting issues.


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