Making Progress

Finally Katie and I have filmed students for the promotional video. It was difficult to get students on board because they tend to be apprehensive about speaking in public. Through encouragement and a few motivating words, they decided to contribute. Their goal was simple: say a few words in different languages. We were able to get four students to contribute, and are looking forward to more in the upcoming weeks. Progress is progress no matter how small. The frustrating part of this week was that professors are hesitant and tend not to get back to us in a timely fashion. Through persistence, we hope to change this.

Next week, we are hoping to double our number of student volunteers. Also, we are hoping to develop connections with teachers. In the next two weeks, our goal is to start putting the finishing touches on this production.

I am really excited to see how this project turns out in the end! I think it will be very professional and well put together in the end. Woo!

– Shireen Karimi

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