WIP Site – 4/5/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hi folks! Sorry I didn’t get the chance to blog last Sunday, I was on a flight out to Seattle to do a little apartment hunting. That’s not to say that’s nothing has happened in the last two weeks; actually quite the contrary is true, as I’ve made a lot of progress on the web site and video hosting solution! Here’s the short of it:

Last week, before Spring Break, I met with Professor O’Neal and discussed with him using YouTube to upload his sales videos. He said he practiced uploading a few himself using the instructions I provided and, at first, was apprehensive about its use believing it wouldn’t work because his upload speed at home was too slow. However the YouTube uploading tool is a real champ and well programmed and while Professor O’Neal was on campus, unbeknownst to him, his laptop started chugging away at uploading the queue of videos he had placed. When he checked his laptop a few hours later he was substantially surprised to see that the YouTube upload had finished while he was in class. Since then, he’s realized YouTube is probably the best option for him and his class. We had a long session where I let him ask me any question about the process and tried to work through any rough spots in my instructions, but it seems like he’s learned it pretty quickly. We’re going to let him do the next project entirely by himself and if he has any problems or issues he’ll come to me for support. The good news is it looks like YouTube is going to work perfectly for his purposes. He has been organizing videos into playlists for his classes, naming the videos, etc. With this, I can nearly check off that first of three major tasks of Professor O’Neals project, so that was a big week for me!

USD Sales Club
Early WIP Shot of the Sales Club Site

This week I’ve begun focusing on the web development aspect for the Sales Club. There’s loads to still do, but as of now I’ve found a good template for the site, begun building on the WordPress installation, created sample pages, heavily customized the template, etc.  Right now I’m working on the events manager feature he requested. To get you a brief overview of the current build of the website, here’s a screenshot!

There’s obviously a lot of work to still do on the site, but it’s a solid foundation and should give Professor O’Neal something to work with. I’ll be sending this off to him soon and will wait for his comments, revisions, and content.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break. That’s it for this week, see you all later!


One thought on “WIP Site – 4/5/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

  1. Hope you found a great apartment, TJ. That’s so great that you and Prof. O’Neal have gotten a process that works to get the videos online! Your mock-up of the site looks awesome.

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