Busy week

This week was the first run of testing. With a class of 35. The past two weeks I’ve been working with IT to install SofTest on the labs. That went relatively well.


For administering the actual test, I had to create the exam in ExamSoft, import all of the students, and then enroll them in the “course” so that the software would know who to post the exam for. Creating the test took a bit, and then importing the students was a pain. The reason was because the excel file was not properly importing and there wasn’t a clear reason why. I got in contact with our Rep at examsoft and got his help on the issue. After about 20 emails, the issue was that our license or our account settings weren’t set to support Lab users (an import option) and so once that was set, it was all good.


For the actual test itself, everything almosttt went perfectly. One student had SofTest lock up upon trying to close the exam. Now, SofTest has a “secure” feature which will not allow the user to open up other user applications and kills the internet (to prevent cheating). Because it froze, and because of this setting, I had to force quit SofTest. Luckily SofTest had saved the completed test before it froze (it saves the progress every 10 minutes but still), and so I could upload the test manually for him. Aside from that, everything went well 🙂


One busy week…


One thought on “Busy week

  1. Nice work, Evan. And glad to know about the robustness of SofTest, as well as that our rep is helpful. Awesome.

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