Checking in 03/25/2015

It has been a very slow semester for me but I am getting back into the swing of things. My current project has been exposing me to several programs. One that I was not expecting to become reacquainted with is Microsoft PowerPoint. I began to draw up a rough draft using Adobe Photoshop, however I realized that PowerPoint was a much easier starting point as it has many preset options and graphics to chose from which helps animate a sketch up like the one that I am working on with ease and convenience.

I am surprised at how many options PowerPoint has, and how much easier it is to manipulate then its older versions. Once I have finalized my rough draft in PowerPoint I will then take it up a level by using Adobe Photoshop. This will allow me to design and form the precise shape and form that I want.

In the mean time I have been watching video tutorials on After Effects- It is my overarching goal to end up using this program to design and animate the final draft. There is so much to this program, I feel excited and intimidated by it, but I am ready to jump in.

The animation is a diagram about supply market innovation, the global environment and the cycles of service in production and demand. It is outdated looking, which is why I am redesigning it, and will ultimately end up in a video as an interactive green screen.

That’s all for now,



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