Uploads & Site – 3/22/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hey everyone, busy week this week! On Thursday I picked up Professor O’Neal’s iPad and transferred all of his sales videos to my computer. From there, I began uploading the 50+ videos that he has to YouTube trying various methods along the way. The best I found is YouTube’s default uploader and I have written an in-depth guide to Professor O’Neal on how we might use it. I’m hoping that he doesn’t feel that what I’ve told him is cumbersome, because if so, I’m not sure I can slim it down anymore. Right now it’s a 2-4 step process that involves dragging-and-dropping the files from the iPad to his computer, then dragging-and-dropping them into the YouTube uploader with optional steps to put them in a playlist (for organizational purposes) or rename them (to make videos easier to find). If that’s too complicated for him… well, I guess I’ll fail to deliver what he’s looking for then.

As for the Sales Club website, Professor O’Neal purchased hosting earlier this week and I have begun creating the shell of the site. Next week or during Spring Break I will hopefully have some good photos to show off of my progress up to that point.

A lot of things are starting to come together now. Hopefully over the next few weeks, the project will start shaping up to be useful to Professor O’Neal.


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