Language Commons Tutorial Videos Update

So I discovered the magic of Adobe Captivate today.  As I was playing around with the computer trying to figure out how the heck to record my screen — using Quicktime on Windows 7 doesn’t work like it does for my Mac unfortunately — I realized that Captivate was installed on the laptop I checked out from the lab.  So I opened it up and figured out how to record my screen and to my delight it added in little captions for every action I made.  The program is quite user friendly and I’ve already figured out how to make a bunch of changes and alterations to my recording.


Now my other videos pale in comparison to this one… Might have to redo my tutorials just so they’ll look this good!  Looking forward to working with this program more.


Also Windows Movie Maker is way less useful than iMovie.  I feel like the program could use an update (of course I’m using the version for Windows 7, so maybe the program was updated for Windows 8?).  Of course, Final Cut is my usual go-to but for these tutorials, I guess I’ll have to stick with the slimmed down versions of editing software. 🙂


Have a great weekend everyone!



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