YouTube – 3/15/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hey everyone! This week I’ve been continuing to tackle both of my tasks on video storage and web development. I now know that Professor O’Neal would like to go off-campus for hosting and have sent him detailed instructions and information on how to proceed now. Regarding the video storage, after thinking long and hard I realized the solution might have been right under our nose the whole time. I asked Professor O’Neal if he had any reservations about uploading his sales videos to YouTube. YouTube is great as it allows long videos (with verification you can upload multi-hour long videos), no size limitations, no bandwidth limitations, and has many additional tools for automatic batch uploading of videos. The videos can be unlisted (so they do not turn up in search results) and put into playlists (one for each semester). Embedding videos on the Sales club website would also be a cinch.

With his approval, we’re planning on testing using YouTube to upload the videos. Professor O’Neal will be recording the first presentation very soon like normal. I will then take each presentation file back with me and test different tools for bulk uploading them. Assuming I find some software that works, I will record my method and bring it to Professor O’Neal. For the second wave of recordings, I will give him instructions and have him try it on his own. From there, I’ll take his feedback and iterate on the method to find, hopefully, the perfect fit for him.

Simultaneously, I will begin moving forward on the actual development of the Sales Club website. I have some good ideas for the direction I’d like to take it, and will start looking in to setting those up soon.


2 thoughts on “YouTube – 3/15/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

  1. That’s awesome news, TJ! Hopefully Youtube will pan out. I look forward to hearing about your strategy and who you chose as a web host–I’m currently looking for a web host and have a couple choices narrowed down, but I know this is your area of expertise.

    • My personal favorite is I’ve used them for all my own personal domain and hosting needs in the past few years.

      That said, most hosting companies are pretty similar and usually only vary on a few dimensions: most notable is probably customer service. But since I so rarely ever need to contact the CS for a web host, I don’t have a lot of experience with “Company A is good,” or “Company B is bad.”

      Otherwise they usually provide the same cPanel-based web hosting with similar amounts of disk space for similar prices. Hard to differentiate them based on specs because they’re all so similar.

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