Multi-Tasking – 3/8/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hi everyone, it’s time for another exciting weekly update!  That would be if I had much concrete information to discuss…

Instead, this week has been much the same as the past few weeks. I’ve been doing loads of research trying to find the optimal solution for Professor O’Neal and his video uploading problems, but I still haven’t nailed down anything yet. Last week I reached out to our media guy, Scott, to open a dialog about what kind of resources we might be able to offer Professor O’Neal. Unfortunately, none of the options we’ve discussed match up with what Professor O’Neal is looking for. This means that what I deliver to Professor O’Neal is likely going to have some drawback for him. I’m still figuring out exactly what all my options are and what issues are inherent with each, but I have the feeling no matter what, Professor O’Neal will be a little disappointed with what I can offer him. Unfortunate, but I don’t have the ability to work miracles – he’ll either have to suffer the risks of hosting the videos off-campus with extremely high content loads, trudge through and work with Ensemble, or use some other system or combination thereof that requires a bit of effort.

In the meantime, in the downtime I’ve had where I haven’t been working on the video uploading issue, I’ve been beginning to plan out the second task Professor O’Neal has for me: the creation of the Sales Club website. I’ve proposed some basic site layouts to him and am working on incorporating his feedback. I’m currently questioning him to extract all the details I need to know to build his site, most notably what features he’s looking for. I’ve presented him with a few with his options and have explained the benefits and downsides to both going off-campus for hosting or staying on-campus and using a Sites @ USD WordPress blog. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but the brief of it is this: staying on-campus is a free and relatively safe option, but my ability to develop the site to fit his exact needs is constricted. Going off-campus costs money, but allows freedom not seen within USD’s system. If Professor O’Neal has a number of critical features he desires that cannot be done within USD’s system, then the choice is clear and we need to take it off-campus. If the features he desires are do-able on-campus, then it’d probably be easiest for him to use the USD WordPress system. Either way, I’ve brought a detailed analysis of this decision to Professor O’Neal and am waiting for his approval one way or another on it.

That’s pretty much it for this week. Hopefully I’ll begin having some concrete items that I can show you soon. Right now the semester has been a lot of dialog and research, but no creation yet and I’m looking forward to starting on the web development soon.


One thought on “Multi-Tasking – 3/8/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

  1. Thanks for the detailed update, TJ. Sounds like you have a solid grasp on your options, and I’m confident you’ll be able to sell him on the right solution. Let me know if I can help.

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