ExamSoft – SofTest Troubles

So I have been working closely with Dr. Aaron Gross with using ExamSoft in his theology classes. ExamSoft is a test taking software that would help expedite the grading process, but it could also provide instantaneous feedback on how the students performed on the test.

I had only very recently received information regarding an ExamSoft account I could use (early this week) and so I haven’t had too much time to import the test and learn about the software. However, there is an exam on March 3rd that we were hoping to use ExamSoft for. Once I began looking at the software ExamSoft uses so that students may take the tests, called SofTest, that is where a hitch came up.

We were looking at using lab computers for this process (because we didn’t want issues with students running out of battery on their laptops, technical issues, etc.) However SofTest will register a student AND the computer they are using. Once registered, there is no method to logout so that another student (say in another one of Dr. Gross’ classes) would be unable to take the test using the installed SofTest.

There are some other technical issues, but in short, Dr. Gross and I have decided that we should forgo using ExamSoft for the upcoming test until we both feel comfortable that there will not be any technical issues during the tests. I most likely will be getting in touch with a ExamSoft rep and our IT department to discuss possible options.


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