Beginnings – 2/15/15 Update on the Sales Club Website

Hi everyone! First post of the new semester.

I’m off to a great start already this semester. I’ll be working with Professor O’Neal in the Marketing department to assist him in managing the videos from his Sales classes and in the creation of the Sales Club website. Assisting me on this project will be Matt, who I’ll hopefully be showing the web design ropes throughout this semester. This update will be short since little has been decided yet and I’m still doing research, but this semester’s project will be split into essentially three major tasks.

1) Assist Professor O’Neal in finding places to upload, manage, archive, and distribute student presentations from his Sales class.

2) Build a website for the Sales Club. Include some of the best (and worst) videos from (1) on this site.

3) If possible, build a better evaluation system for their video projects. In other words, bring the current grading system up from pen and paper to automatic and digital.

Accomplishing all three of these in one semester will be quite the task! Right now, I am researching how best to handle (1). I’ve got some ideas, but haven’t decided on anything yet. This should be accomplished by about the half-way point in the semester, in time for Professor O’Neal starting the projects in his class.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Next week, I’ll lay out what I’ve discovered with my research and what potential options we may be moving forward with.


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