Project with Dr. Gross: Examsoft

With this being the first week, I have yet to accomplish much. However I was able to meet with Dr. Gross and we have established the project boundaries. So my responsibilities are as follows:

I need to ensure that Examsoft can handle the question types that Dr. Gross wants to use for his exam. If it does, then I am to import his tests into Examsoft. The secondary objective is to then book a computer lab (or preferably a classroom with a lot of outlets) for students to take the exam on a laptop or computer.

He also just needed me to try to get some iMovie projects to work on his computer (he tried running them on an external HD but i found out iMovie doesn’t like that). So I’ll show him how to fix that issue, or if he wanted to simply have a finished project, I can export the projects to .mov format so he doesn’t need to worry about this issue again.

Cool beans.


2 thoughts on “Project with Dr. Gross: Examsoft

  1. Hey Allison,

    I had imported the test, however I talked with Dr. Gross regarding some concerns I had, especially as I would be unable to attend the class that was taking the test in case there were any technical issues. Because of the time crunch, we decided it would be best to iron out the issues now and forgo using it on the first test. All of the following tests should be taken using ExamSoft however.

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