First Week

Compared to the first week of the previous semester this week has been very action packed for me. Since I am interacting with the same professor as last semester we got up to speed this semester fairly well. We already planned last semester what we were gonna do this semester. Hence, we were very well prepared already. Our contact is still on text which is also awesome.

This semester I am working on this software called school chapters. In this software our goal is to create a portfolio for both student and faculty in the department of Theatre Arts. The main goal is to put all the physical plays, files and videos of the theatre department in one place where all students will be able to access their material and create a portfolio in time for their graduation date. This will significantly help them out in the real world later on in the future.

Earlier today I met with an employee from school chapters itself and had a long meeting with here that really trained me with the software. I am very excited to see what the semester will come to in the end. Also I am feeling positive about it.

Thanks! It was a great technology showcase!


One thought on “First Week

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the tech showcase, Aman! Happy to hear you got a lot out of the SchoolChapters session last week. We’re really excited to see how the portfolios turn out.

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