Guidebook – 11/30/14 Update on the Health Care Informatics Website

While I’ve been “promised” by Dr. Mack that he will “get content to me stat,” I still have not received anything from him. If in another week’s time he still hasn’t sent me content, I’ll be sure to put far more pressure on him than I already am. That said, I didn’t want to work on nothing for this week, so rather than work on the HCI site which is done baring his sending of the content, I decided to build and flesh out the guidebook I started last week teaching how to take over the management of the Stress-Free Zone website (and less directly the Health Care Informatics website). Right now I have about 10 good pages of documentation instructing step-by-step with many annotated pictures how to make certain changes to the website. The document is not yet comprehensive, but it’s got instructions detailing how to edit most of the pages while retaining a consistent design language throughout. While Susan will probably still need to go to some for of WordPress training (either through me or through ITS), this guidebook can always serve as a reference when in need of help. Here’s a tiny preview image of the book.

Stress-Free Zone Guidebook Preview

Anyway, that’s it for this week. If I do not get the content from Dr. Mack for the HCI site by the end of next week, I’ll begin putting some serious pressure on him. Filling out the content will not take much time, but I’d like to not have to cram it into finals week.



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