Closing In – 11/16/14 Update on the Health Care Informatics Website

Hey everyone. This week I was able to talk to Dr. Mack about the progress on the HCI website and he seems to really like it! He affirmed everything I was doing is going in the right direction and we discussed a few additional things we might be able to achieve with the site. After this meeting, I was able to go back and build a simple and straightforward to-do list of remaining tasks to finish up the website. Here’s the list!

– Home and Program Description share content.
– Faculty page contains Stress-Free Management team and bios.
– Courses and all subpages have been copied from the HCI website. They’re all done, but should be checked for accuracy.
– Capstone & Research has dummy text.
– Current Students needs a real list of students.
– Each student’s subpage needs to be filled out.
– Tools & Resources has dummy text.
– Professional Networking has dummy text.
– Sidebar information needs content. Currently called “Test Information” and contains the “About Stress Management” blurb.
– (Optional) If someone wants to manage the Upcoming Events section, it can be left in. If nobody takes that job up, it should probably be removed.
– (Optional) Health Care Informatics News right now pulls from a generic RSS. If you get me an RSS feed with HCI news, I can modify it to display those articles. Else the News module should be removed.
– (Optional) Slogan needed for site. Sits under title “Health Care Informatics” and is currently “Just another USD Sites site”. It’s not necessary, so let me know if you want one and what it is or to just remove it.
– (Optional) Program Description needs a departmental photo.

This does not include any additional features he may ask me for in the coming weeks, but will finish the basic structure of the site. He said that he would send this off to one of his graduate students who should be working with me on completing the content on the site. Most of the page’s templates are finished, and basically all of the current HCI website information is already copied over. Now I’m waiting for Dr. Mack and his grad student to follow up with content.

That’s it for this week, see you again next week!


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