Teaching Zesty

This week, aside from just working on Dr. Rapp’s website, I assisted her class by helping out with Zesty. It is a marketing class and so many of the students in there have not had any experience developing or designing a website (which is their current project). This is where I come in; should they need help doing something (e.g. moving a logo from one side of the screen to the other, removing/moving pictures, etc) then I help them do that. I’m going to continue doing this next week as well.

As for the website, I’m still not entirely comfortable posting a picture (still very shoddy), but it is coming along. I’ve developed the entire frame of the site, as well as the majority of the design (headers, footers, logo, that type of thing). However, now I’m making a bunch of little tweaks to make the site look nicer, and the bulk of my work is just fixing up the quirks a certain page may have. So things are going very well


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