Busy Friday!

This week was not too bad, I managed to come into the office Monday and Friday! I met with Dr. Keeling, the other professor I’ve been doing the iPad work for. She’s really nice and has very reasonable expectations for her project I think. She wants me to come into class and help the students on Monday and meet with them during the week so we will see how busy this week gets with those meetings. In addition, she invited me to watch their presentations and offer critiques of them, which is exciting considering she called it being on a “panel of experts”. I’m excited to see how this project turns out.

With my original project for Dr. Edmonds, it’s been progressing slowly. She finally gave me an additional task of researching some sources for her Latin American studies classes, so it hasn’t been too taxing, just a lot of extensive research on what she wants! I met with the Poli Sci librarian this week and he gave me some excellent sources for I think what she is looking for. I’ve been researching them slightly and they seem to have a wealth of information, more than I could even hope to dive into in the time she’s given me! Regardless, I don’t think she wants me to go crazy in depth, just look at the websites enough to ascertain if they are a worthwhile source. In addition, I should probably start learning how to video record and Ensemble because her student’s video projects are coming up soon, right after thanksgiving break. All in all, a good and productive week!

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