Change of Plans and progress

This week we have completely decided to get rid of the web designing plan. The videos for all past performances and auditions have been edited and are ready to go. We have decided o incorporate dropbox to add the video files online but storage space is our only concern now. I have also been well in contact with professor Cruz’s independent study student who finally came through. Instead of the website we have decided to use a E-portfolio software to describe students work and then just add a dropbox link. Once all the plans are confirmed this week I will get started on that creation.

Side by side i’m still working on with professor Cruz’s class and also helping her out with blackboard. It’s a fun learning experience to see how so many technologies relate in our day to day lives. I will also soon be going into iMovie as I will b helping a Comm professor who I still have to contact for some tasks she needs assistance with.

Good things and new projects are coming. It’s exciting.


One thought on “Change of Plans and progress

  1. That is some exciting progress, Aman. I talked with Scott and he suggested putting the videos on Youtube as unlisted–that solves both the storage and privacy issues. What do you think?

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