iMovie for iPad

So this week I’ve been asked to start training on iMovie for iPad and it’s been extremely fun actually! I’ve really enjoyed getting to work on an iPad, because I so rarely do. It’s been a very easy program to learn and the Lynda tutorials are extremely helpful and straightforward! I’m definitely going to enjoy working on the duration of this project.

With regards to my other project, Dr. Edmonds seems to have nothing for me to do, which is nice because I can focus on the iPad stuff but at the same time it would be nice to have something else to work on for her. I’ll email her and see if she has something for me to do. Other than that, it’s been a good week to be an STA!


One thought on “iMovie for iPad

  1. So glad you’re enjoying working with the iPad and that you find Lynda easy to use. It’s an awesome program! And I know your project for Dr. Edmonds will pick up pretty soon.

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